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Text and remind with Un4gettable

a free Google Calendar add-on that sends text message (SMS) reminders

10 free reminders each month

How Un4gettable would look like in Google Calendar™?

Animation of creating automatic SMS reminder using Un4gettable with Google Calendar

The things Un4gettable can do for you!

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Customizable reminders

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  • Mobile Support- Use Un4gettable with any Google Calendar client, including the iPhone and Android or Outlook Calendar Apps.

  • Google Contacts integration, use Google Contacts to fetch phone numbers.

  • We cover over 800 networks in more than 200 countries worldwide

  • We Support Unicode and Non Unicode languages.

  • Design a reminder formula that suits your needs.

  • Personalize the text message reminder using the event's properties.

  • Add reminders for recurring events.

  • Include an RSVP link.

  • Change the "Sender Id" to be your mobile phone.

  • Changing the event will change the reminder accordingly.

Important- This will add Un4gettable to the web version of Google Calendar, you'll be able to use Un4gettable the next time you'll visit your Google Calendar on a browser.

10 free reminders each month