We are Sorry to announce we are closing Un4gettable

You will be able to use Un4gettable and use your credits until March 31  2021.
We won't take any payment starting from January 1.

If you have any questions you are welcome to send us an email to support.un@4gettable.com

It Was Un4gettable...

Text and remind with Un4gettable

Un4gettable is a free Chrome extention for Google Calendar 
that sends text message (SMS) Reminders to clients

How to use?

Google Calendar Icon

Create event in your Calendar

Google Contacts Icon
Text Message, SMS, Reminder Speach Bubble

Hi Mark, 
Your appointment will be tomorrow at 17:00, 
1704 Cherry Lane st'

please confirm at: 

After adding Un4gettable to Google Calendar (web) you'll be able to schedule reminders using any other calendar that syncs with your Google acount. including Android, iPhone, Outlook, iCal and any other Calendar.

Choose a contact to remind

 Reminder is sent before the event

If you are using Google Calendar web version on your chrome, you can use Un4gettable add-on autocomplete feature to type a phone number or choose the contact you want to remind. If you want to use un4gettable using your mobile device or any other calendar please read this.

Reminders are automatically generated using your SMS template and the event properties- title, time, location, description. You can choose how long before an event the reminder will be sent and automatically add a unique unique link to each reminder.

Un4gettable in Google Calendar™ (Chrome extension)

Animation of creating automatic SMS reminder using Un4gettable with Google Calendar
reminder icon

Customizable reminders

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  • Mobile Support- Use Un4gettable with any Google Calendar client, including the iPhone and Android or Outlook Calendar Apps.

  • Google Contacts integration, use Google Contacts to fetch phone numbers.

  • We cover over 800 networks in more than 200 countries worldwide

  • We Support Unicode and Non Unicode languages.

  • Design a reminder formula that suits your needs.

  • Personalize the text message reminder using the event's properties.

  • Add reminders for recurring events.

  • Include an RSVP link.

  • Change the "Sender Id" to be your mobile phone.

  • Changing the event will change the reminder accordingly.

Start with our free plan- Up to 10 free reminders each month
Un4gettable 2 steps installation process explained:

  1. Add Un4gettable to Google Calendar.

  2. Click the sign in with Google button.


Add Un4gettable to Google Calendar:  Install un4gettable as a Google Calendar sidebar Gadget.
Click the sign in with Google button: you'll be asked to give Un4gettable permissions to access your Google Calendar, Google Contacts  and basic profile info. Un4gettable needs those permissions in order to do its job. We need to access your calendar in order to know, for example, if you changed the event time, so that the reminder we send will be relevant. Un4gettable needs access to Google Contacts in order to know the SMS Reminder recipient phone number.
We won't give your data to a third party without your permission. 

If you are seeing this from your mobile device you should know that you can use Un4gettable via your mobile device but first time installation and setup is made using a desktop browser. Tip: send yourself an email reminder so that you'll remember to install Un4gettable the next time you are using a desktop. www.un.4gettable.com